Filofax Finsbury Personal Leather Organizer Agenda Electric Blue

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This beautiful Filofax Finsbury leather collection has quickly become a modern classic. Made from hand finished leather to create the stunning, rich two tone colors. The strap closure, with it's refined profile, is the focal point within a simple and elegant construction. The result is the beautiful Filofax Finsbury Personal Leather Organizer Agenda in Electric Blue (actually more of a purple color than blue).

Material: Soft leather printed with traditional rambling grain.

Personal Size Organizer: 7.56" High x 5.79" Wide x 1.69" High

Design Features:
Left: Six vertical credit card pockets with a full length pocket behind.
Right: Full length zip pocket along with a pen loop.
Ring mechanism size: Six rings of 0.9"


  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Week on two pages diary calendar
  • Ruler/Page Marker
  • Indices
  • To Do
  • Colored Notepaper
  • White Notepaper
  • Contacts/Addresses

Ships with current year diary calendar, starting in August Filofax includes the next year diary calendar.

Note: the color is more of a purple than a blue!

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