Filofax Malden Personal Leather Organizer Calendar Kingfisher

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This beautiful, rich, natural Filofax Malden leather organizer collection is crafted using hand finished full grain buffalo leather throughout. Filofax Malden's unique soft and flexible construction ensures the cover lies fully flat when in use and is beautifully tactile in hand.

Material: Vintage-look buffalo leather in Kingfisher Blue (new color).

Design Features:
Left: Credit card pockets and zipped pocket. Pen loop.
Right: Notepad pocket. Pen loop.
Ring mechanism size: Six rings of 0.9"
Personal Size Organizer: Height: 7.56" Width: 5.91" Depth: 1.97"


  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Week on two pages diary calendar
  • Ruler/Page Marker
  • Indices
  • To Do
  • Colored Notepaper
  • White Notepaper
  • Contacts/Addresses

Supplied with a current year, week on two pages diary. Starting mid August, the next year calendar will also be included (full year).

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