Montegrappa Filigrees

In the year of its centenary, Montegrappa has turned to a geometric shape that recurs throughout its designs. It is the octagon, the eight-sided geometric figure that has characterised numerous Montegrappa writing instruments including the Reminiscence, the Privilege, the Symphony, the Emblema and the NeroUno.
In recognition of this primal, elemental form, our new Filigree collection of men's accessories draws inspiration and its name from the patterned texture that graces cufflinks, tie clips, key rings and money clips. Filigree describes a pattern of octagons that repeats to form a carpet of fascinating and arresting appearance. It is a design that also recognises diverse cultures where it can be found in fabrics, architecture, furniture and other forms, from as far afield as India, the Middle East, Russia and South America.
Montegrappa has expanded its family to encompass finely-crafted objects to accompany perfectly the core products: writing instruments. With the Filigree Collection, the owner of a Montegrappa pen can accent his choice of writing implement with accessories sharing the same heritage. The Filigree pattern also graces the elegant packaging prepared for every item in the range.
In creating a texture that consists of repeated octagons, the Italian eye for contrasting surfaces has produced both brushed and polished segments. It is both contemporary and eternal.