Parker Sonnet is Poetry in Motion

The timeless and elegant Parker Sonnet pens are hand assembled and checked for flawless quality.

The Parker Sonnet fountain pen's solid gold nib is high precision and makes it an exceptional writing instrument for every occasion, coupled with a stylish and classic design. Available in a range of finishes, the Parker Sonnet is a work of beauty, emblematic of Parker craftsmanship.

Introducing, the new SONNET GREAT EXPECTATIONS collection by Parker.

Expecting great craftsmanship but revealing something even better, Great Expectations is about delighting consumers with fine crafted finishes designed to surprise them. Great Expectations is featuring six new finishes with detailing on some of the more unusual parts of the pen including patterning on the often-hidden shell and cap ring. This level of intricate detailing has never been seen before and pays tribute to PARKER’s tradition of fine craftsmanship. Drawing on over a century of Fine Writing history and innovation, the new Sonnet Great Expectations Special Edition seamlessly combines PARKER precision with modern accents, adding a touch of flair and individual style to the writing experience.

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