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Waterman Expert Fountain Pen Black GT Fine Nib

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Waterman Expert brings smart Parisian styling to your business day. With its generous cigar-shaped silhouette and wealth of fine materials, it reveals that beneath your executive persona stirs a creative spirit. Let your vision and flair shine in your professional life with classic Waterman panache. Clients and colleagues will know you by your taste for sophistication.

Item: Black GT

Writing Type: Fountain Pen

Version: Standard

Nib Size: Fine

Reference: S0951640

Mechanism: Capped

Trims metal: GT

Material: Lacquer

Cap Material: Lacquer

Nib Material: Stainless Steel (fine gold-plated)

The Finish: Only the discreet golden gleam of its trim competes with the deep black of its lacquer. A powerful, contemporary combination, of timeless elegance.

The Nib: Its smooth curves add suppleness to your handwriting. As generous as it is sophisticated, this golden with 23K gold stainless steel nib is adorned with the emblematic W.

The Clip: Golden with 23K Gold

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