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Waterman Elegance Pens - Writing Jewel

Waterman Elegance Ivory Pen

The Waterman Élégance crosses the line into personal jewelry, beautifully. With a graceful flourish, its fine design will intrigue your creative spirit. Here, skills of the goldsmith and silversmith join forces with the jeweler for a truly precious collection. The best of Waterman know-how comes together in a luxurious pen that delights the senses. Express yourself with ultimate style and order your Waterman Elegance pen today.

No detail was left to chance to accomplish both a look and feel of absolute prestige. Fine engravings express a unique personality, sensuous lines lend an air of sophistication.

From a dual-tone 18 carat solid gold nib, to exquisite decorative detailing, and deep layers of laquer, Waterman Elégance merges over 125 years of expertise in a pen that will mark its time forever.